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February 17, 2015


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the & POEMS series of
poems goes back to the mid 1990’s that i just stumbled on – they originally were ideas for titles to some of my shadow painting in which i was trying to figure out what the people in the painting were doing and i made a list of things that i heard that some how invaded my mind and took over and under and led to two year and a half binge writing episodes and 10,000+ poems later including random poems and & poems which made themselves – hopefully i will get it together to print some of them and to read some of them and to do something with some of them if they don’t kill me first

& where about were you
by geo

& where about were you
& would you mind
& didn’t stop to think no you don’t
& make you feel better
& try to remember
& struggling to say something
& why did this happen
& there must be a reason
& not quite right
& from beyond the grave
& at my/you/our expense previous history
& a mystery
& something special
& astonished
& search me
& whole sordid business grace and dignity
& help yourself
& not found the time
& had time on hands
& long time out of life
& to regain strength
& perhaps
& completely in the dark
& what is troubling you
& better to
& frantic wondering
& isn’t the case
& try to call something to mind
& something that should have been there and wasn’t
& a bit embarrassing look on the bright side
& looks as if
& evaporated
& raw question is how
& can’t tell you how sorry i am
& don’t remember much else
& don’t know what to say
& right under our noses
& nonsense
& managed to engineer
& must talk to somebody
& can’t stand much more of this
& walking around asking questions


StrungUp – some playing with words and an exploration on my variation on a theme of a violin strung up with bow hairs woven through the loose violin strings and held in my hands without a parachute and without a bow and arrow and sow and sew

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