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May 11, 2018

Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket – Investigative Reporters

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strait talk oh mission statement for investigative reporters 5 10 2018

Myth-Illogical Series

Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket

Investigative Reporters

Investigating the Unimaginable and beyond

geo geller

Food for imagin-nation – imagine-nation is a place where the impossible happens – I am pleased to inform you that you are under investigation as part of a new series of Investigative Reporters – “you have to be a little bit crazy to tell the truth” an ongoing Myth-Illogical series of Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket an exploration into what Aldous Huxley said “the truth will make you mad” and Oscar Wilde’s “…give a person a mask and they will tell you everything” stay tuned for what you already know but dont know that you know or “this ain’t your life” not to be confused with “this is your life”

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