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September 9, 2019

Invitation to my Surprise 75th B-Day Party For Myself 9/14/19 & babble music/social-sculpture/adopt-a-painting/pot-luck

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Your presences is commanded
To My Surprise 75th B-Day Party for Myself
Saturday 9/14/2019
7pm-12ish – 135 Spring St – Mad-Hattan

& experimental babble music/social-sculpture/adopt-a-painting/
pot-luck (without the “pot” please)

when: Saturday Sept. 14, 2019 – 7 to 12 pm-ish
where: the beautiful loft of my friend A.J on
135 Spring St. – Buzzer: 501W or text or call my cell 631-836-0996
directions: Many trains:
E, C, 6, to Spring St
R, N to Prince St
F, D, M to Broadway/Lafayette

Your presences is commanded to my pot luck b-day surprise party for myself (i love surprises what can i say) – think of it as an excuse, work in progress experiential experiment food & musical adventure/theater that is full of surprises disguised as a surprise birthday party for myself, a babble music/food social-sculpture playground, Pot Luck (without the Pot – some of us are allergic to pot) Saturday, Sept 14 (actually my b-day) – fyi this is a private party at my friend AJ beautiful loft in Soho –

Its a social sculpture in that you are part of it – its a combined ethnic babble conversations & music theater/film exploration (see link below) & hopefully ethnic pot luck food, where people sing and speak to each other in their native language or babbling as if they are speaking same language – that’s the dream – you don’t have to bring anything except yourself

No Presents Please – but as is my back assed way of doing things and challenging myself I will do a reverse gifting, Adopt-a-Painting where you can adopt-a-painting and take it home too

fyi – as usual I film everything even the things you’re not thinking about too so you better be good or Santa won’t bring you any gifts but, so… if your not comfortable being filmed let me know we will have a safe heaven area

i will be there starting at 7pm so you can come anytime between then and midnight when we all might turn into Cinderella and Cinderfella and whole lotta shaking going on in the mis-adventure of geo geller’s b-day babble

Check out and – come and share food for the imagination, food, music and moments beyond the usual

fyi as this is a private party please let me know if you are coming and if you are inviting any hopefully ethnic music and performance art friends who can dabble and babble along with us as we sing row row row your boat life is but a dream into the future – what can i say, better to ask for forgiveness then permission

i take no responsibility for what i said or what happens so be prepared to be unprepared and as usual, remember what i didn’t say

thank you the mis-management

the art of living is making your life an art

Babble & Babble Music

Soul Searching in the Land of Babble

Sounding the Depths a musical odd-ah-see
Babble the Universal Language

theater & music experiments
Exploring the Language of Empathy, Intuition & beyond
conceived/filmed/un-directed by
geo geller
geo (at)

featuring: elena camerin and hye yun park

Musical Babble
KanittaGoi (thai) sneha khanwalkar (indian)
israel mizrachi (hebrew) ezzy gluck (yiddish) geo geller (playing himself)
excerpted from Babble experimental film

a short film/theater play in progress workshop
is a collaboration of geo geller and elena camerin

concept: women speaking in their native language to each other as if they are speaking
the same language in search of a common language that goes beyond
there are total of 5 individual video segments in youtube play below total running time 45 min

Babble is the Universal Language
if you are having trouble see this below – go to youtube link here

Babble 2-
Babble – a musical odd-ah-see
Sounding the Depths

KanittaGoi (thai) sneha khanwalkar (indian)
israel mizrachi (hebrew) ezzy gluck (yiddish) geo geller (playing himself)
excerpted from Babble experimental film
geo geller
Oct 18, 2016

in my Ivory Tower – 10/18/2016

Play 1. babbling-crop-1-20161018230602 - mp3 file

Play 2. babbling-crop-1-20161018230602 - wav file

Play 3. soul-searching-in-the-land-of-babble-ver-20161019001144 - mp3 file

Play 4. soul-searching-in-the-land-of-babble-ver-20161019001144 - wav file

Play 5. YAMA-with-ezzy-israel-sneha-hebrew-ver-20161019001144 - mp3 file

Play 6. YAMA-with-ezzy-israel-sneha-hebrew-ver-20161019001144 - wav file

Babbling – Sounding the Depths – experiments in music and conversation

NOTE: Raw & Random – unedited and out of sequence – Playlist has 15 videos

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