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February 20, 2014

The Fish In Water Who Was Looking For Water

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A View From the Other Side Series

Island & Land Stories

“The Fish In Water Who Was Looking For Water”

“Happiness is like a fish in water looking for water”

dedicated to you and to wonder

copyright 1991 ver.21693

* = picture for story board film or childrens book)
– a work in progress –

* This is a story about a curious little fish named Wen… When Wen was very young he wanted to know about everything. it didn’t matter what it was he wanted to know about it… He drove his mother and father crazy with his questions about this and that… he just had to know is all he would say… he didn’t know why. Then one day the unthinkable happened he asked the unanswerable question, that nobody could answer

** all the fish were sitting on the red rocks talking about everything under the water when they started talking about the water like it was the weather… it was clear… it was cloudy… the temperature was going to be warm or cold today… the current was strong from the north or south, the water was this the water was that… it was warm higher you went it was cold the deeper you went… a warm pocket of water moving south and a cold pocket heading east.. everybody talked about water as if they knew what it was… then there were storm stories.. the old fish all had their favorite fisherman stories and who could tell the biggest fish and fisherman they got away from stories… Wen decided everybody talks about water, he wanted to know what “water” is ?… it was a simple question,

* Wen decided to ask his father… “what is water ? and where I can find it ?”… His father looked at Wen and said… laughingly, is that all you want!… and he started to speak but nothing came out, he hemmed and hawed as he tried to find words to describe it and where he could find it… oh!… he said… pointing, this is water… Wen asked but what is water?… his father said, this is water, I know what water is but I can’t tell you my son it is everywhere but… and then he said… I think you better ask grandfather fish… he will know…

* Wen found grandfather fish talking to his old fish friends… He asked if he knew where he could find water… water?.. grandfather fish laughed and everybody laughed.. grandfather fish started to say something when he looked at his friends and they looked at him and Wen and they all knew they knew but nobody could say anything… Grandfather fish, said we are all fish because of water… it’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere… but where can you find it… and all the fish looked at each other and said water is everywhere but… Grandfather fish said maybe he should ask Rainbow Fish he has such bright colors maybe he knows. Yes, they said together as if they were singing… the last time I saw him, one of grandfathers friends said, was south where the water is warmer and blue green… Another fish said over there behind that big red rock you will find the south current it will take you to the blue green waters and off he went to find the Rainbow Fish…

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Fish in Water Who was Looking for Water by geo geller, Copyright 1991

* Wen caught the southern currents and it was like a super fast highway… all sorts of fish were speeding along heading south …

* Rainbow Fish are very rare and hard to find… so on the way to the Rainbow Fish he stopped off and asked big fish, little fish, long fish, fat fish, skinny fish, fish that didn’t even look like fish… and he spoke to them in fish language… Wen asked everyone if they had seen the Rainbow fish. he would tell them “I am looking for water… and he always got the same strange look and then they would laugh…

* finally Wen was in the warm blue green waters, when he suddenly got very tired and could go no further and had to sleep… he made a bed from his favorite seaweed… and went to sleep… and in his sleep had this dream… the Rainbow Fish came to him… he was so bright he could barely look at him…

* The Rainbow Fish said, find a Dolphin fish or big Whale, they know the secret of water. The Rainbow Fish said that when he discovers the secret of water he will also find the secret of happiness and then as he was leaving he said something Wen didn’t understand… “No one would believe him when he finds water and the secret of happiness.”

* Wen had heard of dolphins and whales before but had never seen one… Dolphins like to play games and like warm water… Whales are big big some fish told Wen and they stretched their fins out… and harder to find…

* Wen went on further south until he heard this noise above him and saw these strange big fish… He asked them if they knew where he could find a Dolphin… they said, they were cousins. and Wen said it was very important he needed to speak to the Dolphins.. And then he said, the Rainbow fish sent him…

The big fish said, it must be very important if the rainbow fish sent you. he told Wen to get on his back and he would take him to find the Dolphins, Wen never swam so fast in his life. They went all over until they found the Dolphins playing in warm water just like they said… The big fish swam up to the Dolphins and said something in Dolphin language…

* the Dolphins gathered around and stood very quietly, little Wen was in the middle and said that his name was Wen and he was a little fish from a far a way place in the north, and he didn’t know where he was? or that there were so many kinds of fish and all different sizes and colors… He started to tell them about why he was there, and that he came all this way because the Rainbow Fish said that Dolphins and Whales were the only ones who knew.. The Dolphins looked at each other and thought about what they knew that other fish didn’t and they couldn’t think what it was… Wen paused… he felt embarrassed because he was afraid they would laugh at him like all the other fish… finally he said in a soft voice that he was in search of water…. I am looking for water in a louder voice…

* The dolphins looked at each other and all of a sudden they started to laugh and laugh and couldn’t stop laughing… Wen said, the Rainbow fish said you knew but all you can do is laugh just like all the other fish… everybody says they know but when they think about it they send me off to ask somebody else… the Dolphins laughed again… And said is that’s all you want to know?
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Fish in Water Who was Looking for Water by geo geller, Copyright 1991

* A Whale heard the laughter and decided to see what was going on… what’s everybody laughing about ?” he asked… A Dolphin said… We have a fish who is looking for water and can’t find it, and he couldn’t stop laughing… but the whale didn’t laugh he looked at Wen in the middle of the laughing Dolphins and gently asked him where he was from. Wen said, from the north around the red rocks… And the Whale said I know where that is… I spend my summers near there, I go every year… It’s too warm here in the summer for me… The Whale said to Wen, I will show you where you can find water… But first he needed to get on his back and hold on tight…

* Wen got on top of the Whales big hump back and found something to hold onto… And the Dolphins went playing games with each other… The Whale said.. Dolphins never grow up they’re always playing… Water is everywhere in the ocean and because water is everywhere you can’t see it
or find it… Water is like sound unless there is silence you can’t hear it… The Whale said I will be glad to show you water… Wen smiled and nodded his head with pleasure…

* The Whale went to the deepest part of the ocean and told Wen to hold on as tight as he could…

* The Whale jumped up and out of the water… it seemed to Wen like it was the top of the world and just as they were going to turn to go back down the Whale said to Wen that this is water for as far as the eye can see, it’s all water… Fish live in water… water like air brings life to many things it is like magic, without water and air there would be no life It is everywhere and in everything… In water their is air, and in the air their is also water… The fish breathe air in the water.. and people and animal breathe small amounts of water in the air… you are a little fish who lives in water and is looking for water and there are people who live on land and are like you, looking for air, it is all around you but you can’t see it… and then the whale said it is like looking for happiness… “Now you know why the Rainbow Fish said for you to find us because we live in both worlds… We live in the water and breathe air… The Whale then said it was time to go home that his family must be worried about him… And Wen went to sleep on the Whales back

* When he woke up, he was in his bed… The first thing he did was to go to his mother, father and grandfather fish and all the fish and said he had something to show them… Everybody came and wondered what he was talking about, but they listened, he told them this story and when he was finished he said I will now show you water and the secret of happiness and he took out a glass cup that he had found and unscrewed it and said to everyone that this is water… He tried to tell them what the Rainbow fish said, that water like happiness is everywhere in everything and the reason they can’t find it or see it is because it is everywhere… someone said that the cup was empty, nobody believed him… nobody listened as the Rainbow Fish had said, they all laughed… everybody left shaking their heads at the foolishness of youth… they said they were too busy for this and for wen to stop playing games… They told Wen’s mother and father that Wen was dreaming… and even today fish laugh when they hear the story about the fish in water who was looking for water… But Wen was happy, he knew: that the secret of happiness is like a fish in water looking for water… nobody can give it to you, you have to find it out for yourself…

The Beginning

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Fish in Water Who was Looking for Water by geo geller,
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Copyright 1991


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