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May 3, 2014


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Babble is the Universal Language

theater & music experiments
Babble is the Universal Language
Language of Empathy, Intuition & beyond
conceived/filmed/un-directed by
geo geller
geo (at)

featuring: elena camerin and hye yun park
a short film/theater play in progress workshop
is a collaboration of geo geller and elena camerin

concept: women speaking in their native language to each other as if they are speaking
the same language in search of a common language that goes beyond
there are total of 5 individual video segments in youtube play below total running time 45 min

Babble is the Universal Language
if you are having trouble see this below – go to youtube link here

Babble 2-
Babble – a musical odd-ah-see
Sounding the Depths

KanittaGoi (thai) sneha khanwalkar (indian)
israel mizrachi (hebrew) ezzy gluck (yiddish) geo geller (playing himself)
excerpted from Babble experimental film
geo geller
Oct 18, 2016

in my Ivory Tower – 10/18/2016

Play 1. babbling-crop-1-20161018230602 - mp3 file

Play 2. babbling-crop-1-20161018230602 - wav file

Play 3. quiet-niggun-ezzy-israel-hebrew-song-sneha-comes-in-at-end-crop-1ver-20161019001144 - mp3 file

Play 4. quiet-niggun-ezzy-israel-hebrew-song-sneha-comes-in-at-end-crop-1ver-20161019001144 - wav file

Play 5. soul-searching-in-the-land-of-babble-20161019001144 - mp3 file

Babbling – Sounding the Depths – experiments in music and conversation

NOTE: Raw & Random – unedited and out of sequence – Playlist has 15 videos

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