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November 18, 2016

Food For Thought – FireSide Chats

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Food For Thought – FireSide Chats

Food For Thought – FireSide Chats

with me/myself & I in the mirror
geo geller

exploring the thoughts that feed me


geo geller

an experimental experimental stream of consciousness experience – or conversations with my self/mind & with inquiring minds
if the truth be known I am by far the most interesting person I know – just ask me ! 🙂
and i am sure you feel the same about yourself too 🙂 – more about FireSide Chats below videos

fyi playlist are added randomly so keep checking back and also they have multiple videos

The point in all of this is that its pointless but we have to do it anyway – sometimes I will have guest and other times they will have me and other times we shall see – this fyi is different then my endless documentaries/conversations with interesting mostly marginalized people many who are friend and subject of my documentaries -people who I am listening to who are more interesting then I am than talking too

I will focus on everything and nothing at same time and talk about whatever does and doesn’t come to my mind – I am sure there is more to this warning message that will come to me sooner or late – be prepared to be unprepared – fyi these are not scripted and are mostly things I am thinking about in the moment, stream of consciousness – also in full disclosure there is more that I don’t know then what I know and I am not as smart and articulate as I wish I was and others sometime insinuate but I will try and think out of the box and give you food for thought or food for your imagination – I look forward to playing in this playground and hope you will join me on this play within the play adventure – long live narcissism – long live the emperor who wore no clothes and long live his flock. –

Be well

The mis-management

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