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September 19, 2014

Wonder Women Series

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Wonder Women
part of an ongoing exploration of the many faces
of You-Manity, Identity, being a Women, a Mother, Beauty, life, etc

Super Women Series- Silent Music Video
by geo geller

Other Faces & Painted Faces of MonaLisa by geo geller – oil paint on x-Ray Film and beyond

Other Faces of Mona Lisa by geo geller – oil paint on x-Ray Film and beyond and now painting on peoples faces too MonaLisa

work in progress – and working title

Other Faces of MonaLisa

oil paint on x-Ray Film and beyond and now painting on peoples faces too

The Beast Behind Beauty
Slaying the Beast from Within
the Beast of Beauty that Keeps Us From Really Feeling Beautiful

more here

The Beast Behind Beauty – Abbey
an experiential documentary about slaying the Beast within
the Beast that keeps us from feeling beautiful

work in progress link
The Beast Behind Beauty
geo geller
please scroll down to see videos

fyi – first conversation of The Beast Behind Beauty was with Shine
the second The Beast Behind Beauty with Abbey

Breathing Saved My Life
Conversations with Amy Weintraub

on life, living and how breathing saved me
in conversation with geo geller
geo geller

Princess Warrior & Ghost of Woman Warrior

< Inside Out
Portrait of Kristinne
by geo geller

“not yet born yet”
Portraits of My Mother, My Muse
Celebrating the life of My Mother

“Documentary on My Mother So Her GreatGrand Children Will Know Her”. The title “not yet born yet” is a quote from my mother, when I asked her how old she felt inside she said “not yet born yet”

my mother was born May 23, 1909 or according to immigration November 9, 1909 – on January 21, 2011 my mother left her body behind but her spirit which lives on in all those who knew her and were touched by her and hopefully these photos will give you a sense of my mother my muse

excerpted from my “not yet born ”

first video is my mother talking about her trip to heaven and what it was like for her and a collage of photos taken over the years

mom candle lighting friday night shabbos candles 2/22/2008 6:30 pm – slide show

Enlarged and printable

Language of Intuition, in search of empathy
conceived/filmed/un-directed by
geo geller

feature actors elena camerin and hye yun park
a short film/theater play in progress workshop
is a collaboration of geo geller and elena camerin

concept is women speaking in their native language to each other as if they are speaking
the same language in search of a common language that goes beyond
there are total of 5 individual video segments in youtube play below total running time 45 min

conversation with Tsidii and
Youtube link to playlist HERE

Rivky Gee

Live Recording excerpted from ‘The Angel Sings The Blues

film/recorded by
geo geller
geo (at)

Shelby Knox – The Education of Shelby Knox post Human RIghts Festival NYC 2005 –
this was online in 2005 when the web was learning how to crawl video wise and bandwidth wasn’t what it was

Portrait of a Woman Warrior

Alchemist Chair
Beautifying Inside and Out

Conversations with Nercy and geo

geo geller
contact: geo (at)

in the Alchemist Chair with Nercy

conversation in restaurant with Nercy


Identity with Elena Camerin
short song intro and conversation with Elena Camerin about being a woman

Identity the song

album cover song
Elena Camerin – voice & geo geller everything else

Giving Birth To Myself

Harlem Midwife Story (excerpt)

by geo geller

to bee or not to be with Zan Asha and Howard Bloom exerpted from Pondering the Imponderable

please feel free to contact me
geo (at)

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