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August 30, 2017

Portraits Series

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Portraits Series

Howard (Omknowledgist) Bloom (Portrait – Genius, god and beyond)
Albert Maysles (“Divine Accidents”),
Benoit Mandelbrot (Conversations with Benoit Mandelbrot in a Snow Storm),
David Waldor (Madness And God),
James Kusel (Music Saved My Life, conversations with Bi-Polar Bear James Kusel),
Howard Bloom (Pondering the Imponderable),
Josif Curry (Snake Charmer),
Andy Dixon (ExCon With Convictions,
Will (Will Who Wont – a black homeless verteran, revolutionary comes to a white man for help)
A.J Croce (My Relationship to Music),
Issa (working title Autopsy of Damed),
Jeff Pulver (Exercising Judgement)
Shalhavit et al (Beast Behind Beauty),
Nercy (Alchemist Chair),
George Stoney (work in progress title),
Ultra Observant (Observing the Observant),
Jason Figueria (Psycho-Phobia),
Mackenzi (Portrait),
David Granirer (Humor Me),
Shelton McElroy (portrait),
Rivky (Portrait of Rivky),
Issa (Portrait), Tsidii (Portrait),
Anjana (Other Side Of War),
Senka (Other Side Of War),
Daria (Other Side Of War),
Lee (Portrait and Malaria story),
Taylor Krauss (Portrait),
Joseph Laine (Wedding Fotographer),
George Stoney (Portrait),
Zan Asha (Portrait & Bee Keeping),
Elena Camerin Young (Portrait),
Colonel ay Ipson (Portrait -Holocaust Survivor from Kovno Ghetto, Lithuania),
Restoring Paradise (Portrait),
Lucifer (Mythical Conversation with Lucifer aka Satan, the Devil),
Isabel Behncke (Portrait & The State Of Empathy),
Danny Schechter (Portrait & In My Own Private Revolution),
Bill Cunningham (Photo Portrait – NY TImes Fashion Photographer),
Amy Weintraub (Breathing Saved My Life),
GEwIZ (Portrait – GEwIZ music collaboration between Geo (geller) and IZ (Issa Ibrahim)
Ditta Van Egten
Portrait of Helen Geller

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