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June 3, 2015


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the first is audio excerpted from a 40 min video of a

Conversation with Benoit Mandelbrot in a Snow Storm by geo geller
April 1, 2003 -this is audio excerpted from video upon request –

audio only video coming soon or upon request

the second is the History of Math – excerpted from Pondering the Imponderable, conversations with Howard Bloom by geo geller

Bloom’s Grand Unified Theory (of everything including the human soul) opens a window into entire systems we don’t yet know and/or see ,..we should forget all we know in complicated modern math and should start from the very beginning …I never imagined that a new system of thought could produce so much light “Pavel Kurakin of the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences

audio only< below this line some insights into Howard Bloom, the mind of a scientist and person outside of the academic box - excerpted from Pondering the Imponderable, a Celebration of the Odd with Howard Bloom Howard Bloom on lost in thought, the mind of artist, scientist, his mind, Einstein, Freud, and beyond – 2 videos in playlist the second is Howards’s reasonable attempt at how and why Einstein would go out of the house in his Pajamas with his wife running after him – how a focused mind gets found in being lost and seduced by its imagination

Howard Bloom celebrating his A.D.D, O.C.D, Obsessions and Mental Illness