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May 31, 2016

Crucified On Wall Street – a silent film in black & white

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Crucified On Wall Street

a silent film in black & white
geo geller

Adapted from “The Living Stations of the Cross on Wall Street”
performance conceived, produced and executed by Abbey Jasmine
silent film, cinematography and editing by geo geller

Abbey Jasmine – Megaphone
Andreza Ortiz- weeping woman of jerusalem
Alli Ryan Motley- weeping woman of jerusalem
Andrew Matthews- Pontius Pilate
Tavi Carpenter- Mary Magdalene
Paolo Perez- Jesus of Nazareth
Claudia Sersanti- Mary the Mother of Jesus
Jesse Krebs- Centurion
Lluvia Almanza- Centurion
Flynn Harne- Simon of Cyrene
Rachel Kyle- St. Veronica

geo geller
geo (at)

(note see below the video for back ground and FYI too)

(note – fyi: the actors met that day, didn’t known each other before – there was only one walk through rehearsal of sorts early that afternoon – i as the cameraman had know idea what i was getting into and was shooting both moving and still cameras and shot over 600 images on my canon 7D at the same time too – had i seen the rehearsal i would have had more insights into shooting and framing the shot as it was i am glad i didn’t know more, actually i didn’t know anything other then that i love Abbey and was doing it as a friend and yet it took me a few times watching the videos to really get the depth of what unfolded and how amazing a performance all the the actors did too and also no-way could we have duplicated it or even close to it – and abbey did an amazing job and has her own film that she will edited but the silent film in black & white is my experiential experimental film – in filming and compiling it for abbey i realized the irony and juxtaposition of being crucified on wall street was a powerful metaphor that begged to be given birth too and lastly, fyi, when i was 19 i worked as a runner of the floor of New York Stock Exchange for six plus months too)

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