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February 5, 2015


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I am interested in experiential experimental non-linear non-story docs and art films that challenge the status quo – most of my docs are about people who are in their own private revolution and unusual eccentric

TWITTAMENTARY a film by Siok Siok Tan
co-exec produced by geo geller with jeff pulver and i shot approx 60%
and wrote some of the music and recorded most of it also come to think of it with my
singer/songwriting collaboaration GEwIZ and also music i also recorded singer songwriter Andy Dixon

My Own Private Revolution – people who are challenging the status-quo, themselves and the imagination and are also characters in their own way – work in progress

Who’s Wearing the Emperor’s New Clothes – if so many people believe in something how can they be wrong – which Albert Maysles: “Powerful”
Helen Geller: “You’re going to get arrested my son” – looks at fear and the power of fear and fear of power, and fear of not belonging as well as asks what is not propaganda, war, media and beyond

Damned: Issa spent 20 years in a mental institution and 10 of those years as a sane man in an insane asylum and was recently featured in npr program that won Edward R Murrow and Third Coast Best News Doc that I contributed too –

Andy dixon an ExConWithConvictions who spent 27 years of illegal life without parole sentence in prison with James Earl Ray –

Pondering the Imponderable with Howard (omKnowledgist) Bloom who spent 15 year in bed and was the top Music Pr organization with clients like michael jackson U2, bob marley, billy joel – he discovered Prince, bette Midler, Rap and disco among many others in the 70’s and 80’s that are house hold names – I have 200 hours of howard bloom + google him

Music Saved My Life – conversations with (self-described) Bi-Polar Bear James Kusel

LUCIFER aka Satan, the Devil – Mythical Documentary/Conversation
with Lucifer playing himself

Madness and God – “I’m a skeptic who believes in God” David
conversations with David about man’s religion and god religion – david is certifiably mad as he says and has ready many of the scriptures both mainstream and esoteric and weaves them seamlessly with insight – he also believes that spiritual pride among other things is the downfall of those who are holier then thou too

Psycho-Phobia – “a pearl is a healed wound. We are all becoming pearls” rethinking how we think about mental illness
a social sculpture work in progress film collage of voices

Beat Behind Beauty –The Beast Behind Beauty is about slaying the Beast from within – the Beast that keeps us from feeling beautiful
The Beast Behind Beauty explores our/your/my story, about how we live inside out and outside in, our relationship to Beauty vs feeling beautiful: at the core it is about our relationship to ourselves, our conscious and invisible selves*, to others, our families, our expectations, our bodies, our minds, our society, our obsession with appearances, with being an objectified commodity and then objectifying ourselves all in the name of being something we already are (beautiful) but don’t know
a documentary about homeless, black, veteran, revolutionary
who comes to a white man for help

Alchemist Chair – Beautifying Inside and Out
Conversations with Nercy

GivingBirthToMyself – a Harlem Midwife story – documentary

Breathing Saved My Life – Conversations with Amy Weintraub
on life, living with depression and how breathing saved me
in conversation with geo geller

OCD – Prisoner in Your Own Body, Battle Within and Withoutjason is allergic to his thumb, colors yellow, pink and black

Other Side Of War – No Thank You
war seen through the eyes of young people

Conversation with albert Maysles – award winning doc filmmaker

Conversation with Benoit Mandelbrot (father of fractals) in a snow storm

InvisibleSELF – the conscious verbal self is the tip of the iceberg all the rest of the iceberg under the water is the Invisible Self the non-verbal self

Restoring Paradise – a true mythological non-linear non-story story – a mad cap tragic comedy around a famouse german speaking painter, Hundertwasser mural called Paradise and how paradise was lost

ObservingTheObservant – observing the ultra orthodox (jews) from the view point of one who is non-Observant

Cocooning a Hoarders Story

PoeticJustUS – asks is justice possible and what does justice look like from random people

Felonism – convicted of a crime, done the time, can’t get a job, and locked out of the future Felonism affects 70 million Americans – Ex Con With Convictions Excerpt from work in progress documentary by geo geller with Andy Dixon & Linda Polk

ExercisingJudgement – how exercise and exercising judgement save jeff pulver’s life and almost killed him at the same time a story of transformation

Math/Science Muse – Conversation with Benoit Mandelbrot the father of fractals in a snow storm and history of math excerpt from Pondering the Imponderable with Howard (OmKnowledgist) Bloom

conversation with Tsidii – Tsidii came from nowhere the land locked country of Lesotho, southern africa – to be Rafikii in the Lion King on Broadway

Art foto/film project

Language of Intuition, in search of empathy
conceived/filmed/un-directed by
geo geller





Princess Warrior

Art of Sandy – hurricain sandy as an artist

People as art

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