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April 2, 2017

GEwIZ Music Collaborations

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GEwIZ is g-OH with Izzy AHA

a Singer/Song-writing collaborative

an exploration in search of those moments beyond the usual.
more at

GEwIZ experiments in experimental & pop music/songs/spoke-word

November 25, 2016


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Black Friday – Slave Sale

Black Friday – Slave Sale


geo geller

geo geller

rough work in progress


geo geller

August 30, 2015

Albert Maysles getting close at Dv Expo – jan 31 2004

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Albert Maysles getting close at Dv Expo – jan 31 2004

i was hanging out eating with albert talking and all of a sudden we realized that we were running late and he just jumped into talking and i didn’t even have a second to prepare – just turned on the camera and sometimes you get what you got and what you got is more then nothing if you hadn’t been there – so this is one of those times – food for thought – shot on mini dv using a sony pd 100 camera

July 26, 2015

Protected: madness Insanity From the Inside Out – Insanity Plea(se)

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

June 25, 2015

TRUST Doc by geo geller

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The State Of Empathy


Documentary by & about TRUST
geo geller
geo (at)

June 15, 2015


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April 3, 2015

Sebastião Salgado – Holding Court in Black and White

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Sebastião Salgado – Holding Court in Black and White you might think this is about my favorite photographer Sebastião Salgado but actually its the people around him the supporting cast of characters with Lélia Wanick Salgado and Pedro Carvajal James M. Graham – shot April 2, 2014 at Sundaram Tagore Art Gallery contact Geo (at) or Geo (at)

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March 21, 2015

Language Matters

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Language Matters

with Bob Holman a PBS film by David Grubin
preview and reception Jan 21 2015 at Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian
photos by Geo Geller

March 2, 2015

my muses

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my muses – 61 videos in this playlist

February 17, 2015


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the & POEMS series of
poems goes back to the mid 1990’s that i just stumbled on – they originally were ideas for titles to some of my shadow painting in which i was trying to figure out what the people in the painting were doing and i made a list of things that i heard that some how invaded my mind and took over and under and led to two year and a half binge writing episodes and 10,000+ poems later including random poems and & poems which made themselves – hopefully i will get it together to print some of them and to read some of them and to do something with some of them if they don’t kill me first

& where about were you
by geo

& where about were you
& would you mind
& didn’t stop to think no you don’t
& make you feel better
& try to remember
& struggling to say something
& why did this happen
& there must be a reason
& not quite right
& from beyond the grave
& at my/you/our expense previous history
& a mystery
& something special
& astonished
& search me
& whole sordid business grace and dignity
& help yourself
& not found the time
& had time on hands
& long time out of life
& to regain strength
& perhaps
& completely in the dark
& what is troubling you
& better to
& frantic wondering
& isn’t the case
& try to call something to mind
& something that should have been there and wasn’t
& a bit embarrassing look on the bright side
& looks as if
& evaporated
& raw question is how
& can’t tell you how sorry i am
& don’t remember much else
& don’t know what to say
& right under our noses
& nonsense
& managed to engineer
& must talk to somebody
& can’t stand much more of this
& walking around asking questions

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