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February 25, 2015

What’s A Documentary? – for two seven year olds by geo geller

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What’s A Documentary?
for 2 Seven Year Old’s – Rough Cut

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“What’s A Documentary?” for 2 Seven Year Old’s by geo geller
in 2002/3 i was shooting a documentary called “Self-Portrait of YOU-manity” as if i was hired to do a documentary on YOU-manity for people from another planet – so i went around asking people to describe to somebody from another planet what it was like to be human, man, woman, child, mother, father, sister, brother, friends, wife, beauty, sex, love etc and one spring day i was filming these two seven year old’s who were sisters from other mothers and were babies in the womb together about what it was like to be this and that and to be friends and at the end i asked as i usually do “if i can use this in a documentary” and the kids in unison said “What’s A Documentary?” and so for years on and off especially at George Stoney birthday party events and doc film festivals i stalked doc filmmakers and asked “What’s A Documentary? – for two seven year old’s” – this below came from a PBS, POV, ITVS sponsored event 2/22/2015 – i need to put up the credits too

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