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September 7, 2014


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Adopt-A-Painting – Social Sculpture experience

Adopt-A-Painting is a Social Sculpture; a free painting/art work that is up for adoption. There are no rules!, no hidden costs, no money down and comes with a no money back guarantee too – If you take on this oh-mission impossible adoption position, i ask that you take 1) photo of you with the painting where you found it. 2) foto of you with where you hang it and if you pass it on too. Please #Adopt-a-Painting if you put it up and send copy to me at so i can include it in something that i have not yet conceived or articulated. I would love to hear stories about its adventures as it moves from place to place. Check

Adopt-A-Painting Background
i think of each of my 8,000 art works as giving birth to myself, they are my children and had always hoped to keep together as a family but alas they have outgrown me and my nest and need to find homes and be adopted. A 1000 of my paintings are already adopted and spread out around the world. A Social Sculpture is people knowingly or not knowing they are participating in something social – Some paintings are not part of Adopt-A-Paint
ing and are for sale on my website upon request.

Adopt-A-Painting is and has been on again off again exploration since early 2000’s where i have historically created a gallery space at an event like the “art around the park” Tompkins Sq Park in east village NYC and in a caboose – i have a long history of creating galleries in Caves in Granada Spain 1992, in the Jungles of Bahia Brasil 1992, in a squat in Paris with a bunch of mad Russian painters in 1991 spontaneous combustion exhibition of art or things that i find on the street all over the world i find things and try and put them in places that people will see them as art and hopefully take them home – i have found most of my art material as well on the street – lots of materials from paint, canvas, pigment, carpet glue, sculptural materials, draw sides and bottoms, wood, matt board, cardboard, etc to name a few

thank you for participating
geo geller
Adopt-A-Painting printable flyer – pdf 111mb file

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