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March 6, 2015

Portrait of A.J. Croce on Music, Life & Beyond – work in progress

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A.J. Croce on Music, Life & Beyond

excerpted from work in progress documentary

portrait of
A. J. Croce
Music, Art, Life, Blindness, Depression, Empathy & Beyond

geo geller

A. J. Croce
what’s my relationship to music3/05/2015

A.J. Croce
on empathy and music and beyond 7-21-2016

A.J. Croce
BackStage Iridium, playing/talking Jim Croce and Martin guitar and beyond 20150304223346

A.J. Croce
1st video City Winery, backstage green room, on music & life 8/16/2017
2nd video NoMo Hotel courtyard on blindness, narcissism, depression and beyond 8/17/2017

playing around

misc for aj

Martin Guitar with Dick Boak this is raw unedited footage too – towards the end there is a moment when the battery in the wireless died too

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