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February 20, 2014


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A View From the Other Side Series

Island & Land Stories

“Upside Down Farm

in the land of dreams



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(* = picture for story board film or childrens book)
– a work in progress – )



geo geller

Though the title of this story/treatment is the UPSIDE DOWN FARM there
is also a version of the UPSIDE DOWN WORLD and the UPSIDE DOWN ZOO which
basically have similar themes and could be developed as a part of a
series. Storyboard * = picture

This is a story about a farm. not just any farm, but, an upside down

* It was another day on the farm, one day was just like the next…
the seasons changed but not much else… The farmer’s son was sitting
in the middle of a great big hay stack, his favorite place.. he was
complained to himself that he was bored, bored bored!… I’m going
crazy! I don’t know what to do with myself?

* He put a piece of straw in his mouth and after a while he fell
asleep… and in his sleep he dreamt about that there was this big
strange storm cloud that passed over the farm. It had a strange light
coming from within it, and as it got closer you could hear the rumbling
of thunder and flashes of bright lightening.

* In the middle of the storm cloud was this very strange calm and then
the sun came out and the boy dreamt that his father went to the barn to
milk his cows

* The farmer entered to barn and saw… the strangest of things … I
don’t believe it he said, as he shook his head from side to side trying
to wake himself up… no!… this can’t be happening!… it’s a bad
dream! he kept saying… no one will believe it… they’ll think I’m
crazy… he looked at his old faithful cow clairabell… poor
clairabell.. she was indeed oinking… just like a pig…

* I must be dreaming… as he looked over at the pig and said, “no! no!”
“not the pig too!”… and the farmer looked at the pig right in the eyes
and the pig looked back at him and… mooed… the farmer was besides
himself… my cow! my cow is oinking my pig is mooing and I am crazy he
said to himself… why me? why me? his pigs couldn’t stop mooing…

* “This isn’t funny” he said as he looked over at the horse… it was
baaing like a sheep… baa baa. He looked over at the cow and saw it
chucking to itself and then it oinked, again, the sheep looked up
sheepishly, and then whinnied like a horse.. the donkey laughed itself
silly and then barked like a dog… the rooster roared with laughter and
then howled like a wild dog; the frogs thought everyone was so funny
they were jumping out of their skins and then chirped like crickets; the
birds were flying around making frog sounds and couldn’t stop
hiccuping; the squirrel looked over at his cousin the chipmunk, who just
stood by and watched… the fish started jumping out of the water and
thought they could fly and sing like nightingales.. the mice meowed and
jumped up a tree in search of the cat who was crowing like it was
morning.. the crow was unusually speechless… everything was upside

* The chicken, the poor hen when she wasn’t running around in circles,
she was barking and chasing after the farmer dog…

* the farmer’s dog was trying to get away from itself and the
chicken… The farmer couldn’t stop asking where am I? where am I?
“everything is upside down.”

* after a moment he ran as quickly as he could to lock his gate and put
up a sign saying, gone fishing, so nobody would come and see his
animals had gone crazy… and want to make a zoo or circus out of his

* “No way!” he said to himself. All the animals knew what he was
thinking… shook their heads and agreed. The farmer and all the animals
came around and looked worried… they didn’t want to go to a zoo or
circus… They wanted everything to return to normal. Nobody knew what
to do?

* The farmer sat down and all the animals came around and didn’t know
what to do… while they were sitting there along came a very strange
looking cloud with a rainbow around it… and when the cloud was
overhead it started to thunder and lightening and then it began to rain
and woke the farmers son up.

* He got up and ran as fast as he could into the barn and looked at the
cow and pigs and all of a sudden he started to moo at the pigs and
oink at the cows and said baa baa to the horses, and whinnied at the
sheep and all the animals thought that the farmer’s son had gone crazy
and they laughed themselves silly every time they saw him mooing and
oinking. he even made a sign saying “THE UPSIDE DOWN FARM” and hung it
upside down on the gate to the farm… till this day the farm is a happy place and
full of laughter.

UpSide Down Farm geo geller – copyright 1991 – page 2 of 2
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