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October 13, 2023


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Robert Wilson – Read My Lips and Hand Talk – Silent Music Videos

Read My Lips

Hand Talk- Robert Wilson – Silent Music Video by geo geller

Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket – Immortal Man

work in progress
forgive us our trespasses for we know not what we are doing

an Immaculate Myth-Conception, Myth-Directed,
Un-Scripted & Un-Rehearsed of Myth-Illogical Proportions

Myth-Illogical Myth-Conception
“The Truth Will Make You Mad” Aldous Huxley
An Immaculate Myth-Conception
Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket “Immortal Man”
Imagine not dying – Immortal Man wants to die -6-12-2018

Myther & geo geller
Conceived, Produced, Directed, Filmed, Edited acting, blah blah (an experiential film/audio experience sometimes in the dark
where we hope to shed some light if not some enlightening about Death, Life and Beyond) “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.
Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” Oscar Wilde Conceived, Produced, Directed, Filmed, Edited, blah blah
geo geller
geo (at) Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket logo click for printable
Synopsis: Immortal Man wants to die and after trying everything he goes to a psychiatrist and tells him he is having suicidal thoughts and according to law he reports Immortal Man to the authorities and they take him away in a Strait-Jacket to the Ivory Tower where we find him (audio links below) Note: as part of our experience we invite you, to our Pre & Post conversations as the slices of life (bread) with the Episode as the meat in the middle of the sandwich – fyi we never have a script or rehearse unless we do which is rarely – what you get is what we got audio slightly edited Imagine not dying, Immortal Man is another episode of 100 plus episodes of thought-provoking entertainment aka a tragic comedy of errors under the umbrella of “Myth-Illogical Myth-Conceptions” series of strait and not so strait talks of which “Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket” conversations is one of our main series of Myth-Conceptions ill-conceived in the Ivory Tower, Mad-House of my apartment in mid town Mad-Hattan Genesis of Immortal Man – Immortal Man is sub-series of Myth-Illogical Myth-Conception conversations that came out of our previous playing with with Death, with Suicide, with Conversations with Lucifer, Sperm Brothers, with Tour Guide To Hell series, with Post Apocalypse and with our resurrecting famous the dead many who we have brought back from Hell, like Hitler and many others to talk to us – those and too many others are available upon request and consideration Mythical Conversations with Diogenes in Search of Honest Man
The Light Bringer
NOTE: we like to show our creative process, since we don’t have script or rehearsal, we usual have a pre-talk which i didn’t record because this was early in the process, episode (the first 2 videos in playlist are the episode), 3rd video is post talk UNDER CONSTRUCTION
rough work in progress produced by
Myth-Illogical Myth-Conception
Emperor’s New Clothes Production
A Divine Tragic Comedy
“The Truth Will Make You Mad” Aldous Huxley
excerpted from documentary
Who’s Wearing Emperor’s New Clothes” Trump Effect Post Apocalypse
Trump Up
Make America Great Again an Un-Immaculate Myth-Conception
Un-Scripted, Un-Rehearsed & Un-Conceivable
Myther & geo geller
Conceived, Produced, Directed, Filmed, Edited acting, blah blah
geo geller
geo (at) rough work in progress
first video in playlist is edited excerpt 6 min 55sec
Post Apocalypse complete version at 1:18:38 Post Apocalypse – Trump Effect – Mythical Conversation with Donald Trump – short and full versions–20s
videos below excerpted from Strait-Talk in Strait-Jacket Trump
Make America Great Again by
geo geller Trump Framed by
geo geller Post Apocalypse Mythical Conversation with Trump 1:18:38 – complete Dear friends Romans and countrymen & Post Apocalypse Mythical Conversation with Trump But first, I am worried about who we might not become and our unbecoming – what if Trump, our fearless leader, in one of his temper-tantrums presses the wrong button, the red nuke button? then what? – Thomas Jefferson said “We are to guard against ourselves; not against ourselves as we are, but as we may be; for who can imagine what we may become under circumstances not now imaginable – Thomas Jefferson to Jedidiah Morse 1822 ” We are being boiled alive like the frog in slow boiling water, we are cooked! as was the election cooked – our democracy has been kidnapped and hacked not by the Russians but by the people who tell us its the Russian, by the people who tell us they are protecting us, by the people who tell us to trust them – by the people who tell us who is the enemy – by the people who tell us to be afraid – if we were in Russia would we trust the government, the media, the KGB? and yet here we are gullible and trust those with our well being, our lives without question? my friends and fellow travelers we are entering the valley of the shadows of Plato’s cave – I am in a civil war with myself as how to reconcile and console myself and you, not you as you are, but what to tell your unborn children and what to tell the people of the future how we stole their future to that end I have created a Post Apocalypse, mythical conversation with Trump taken place millions of years in the future where we find Trump in hell and we hear his version of history – the short 10min film excerpted from larger 1hr 18min fyi its a combination of scenarios I started after 9/11in 2001 called “Who’s Wearing Emperors New Clothes” – if so many people believe in something how can it be wrong – the short and full 1hr and 18min work in progress versions can be experience at to understand the real unreal back story of whose playbook they used to orchestrate the coup to end all coups watch Prophet Of Fear – J Edgar Hoover – a mythical conversation – – food for thought —- Post Apocalypse Trump Effect 1958 Simulated Nuclear War Documentary
Power of Decision – Atomic Bomb Explosion Test Footage
The following description of the film is from the U.S. Air Force Motion Picture Film Depository index card: 6 Reels, 35mm, color, sound, edited, 5600 feet, quality: Good (Basic: Orig color) Coverage of simulated war plan action, in the event of an attack, which was executed at the Operation Control Roomm, Offutt AFB, Nebraska, and at the underground control room (location SECRET), by Strategic Air Command. Footage includes pilots and ground crewmen scrambling; pilots boarding aircraft; B-47’s, B-52’s, and B-58’s taxiing, taking off, maneuvering, and landing; and a KC-135 refueling a B-52. Also included are scenes of the launching of the Bull Goose, Rascal, Snark, and Thor missiles. . CharlieDeanArchives – Archive footage from the 20th century making history come alive! Experience Creative Process
Conversation with Death – Complete – pre talk, episodes & post talks as they unfolded RAW UNEDITED Mythical Documentary/Conversation
Framing of LUCIFER by god
Lucifer aka Satan, the Devil
Lucifer as Mythia the Messiah
with Lucifer playing himself

Mythical Documentary/Conversation
an experiential experimental film/theater to be experience in the dark including Mythia the Messiah excerpt
HOPE – Lucifer talking about Hope (last video playlist)

geo geller

1 hour version and 4 or 5 hour version coming soon an experiential experimental film/theater experience – mythical documentary
excerpt latest version 1/25/2014
Mythical Documentary/Conversation with Lucifer, aka Satan, the Devil by geo geller, with Lucifer playing himself – an experiential film/theater to be experience in the dark – short version 1 hour and 1 min recorded july 2013 the longer version includes details of Lucifer’s mind and his hand as both good bad guy and a bad good guy and his observations into himself, god, the ego, man, war, violence, fear , hope, religion, angels, adam and eve, including man’s relationship to god and gods relationship to man and Luicifer’s relationship to god and begs the question does god have an ego? a mythical documentary Recorded over the last two years with Lucifer, aka Satan, the Devil… this version is stand alone short version excerpted from approx 5 hour – the long version is done but still giving birth to itself – there is also a downloadable MP3 link below so you can listen on mobile phone or iphone too – please do not share it
any suggestion are appreciated especially on distribution thanks in advance g-oh
  LUCIFER – Mythia the Messiah

the false messiah born again as mythia
mythanthrope transforms from himself from bad guy to good guy
to mythia the messiah
(1 hr  34.6 min  excerpt from 5 hour version)
geo geller
contact: geo (at) EvE
Mythical Documentary/Conversation EVE
intro by Lucifer aka Satan, the Devil
with Lucifer playing himself below is visual version of above
Mythical Documentary/Conversation EVE
intro by Lucifer aka Satan, the Devil
with Lucifer playing himself Mythical Documentary/Conversation with Lucifer on Hope 1-17-2014 

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