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October 3, 2017

Music Autism Mental Illness & Mental Health

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Music Autism Mental Illness & Mental Health

Music Autism, Mental Illness & Mental Health

Music is a Safe Haven, it takes you away, its a Refuge, its something that doesn’t hurt you… its an unspoken language, its a universal language, its the beat of our heart, its the blood in our veins,its who we are, its an audible manifestation of life and sometimes its so beautiful its heart breaking it will make you cry, make you laugh, make you have an internal smile… it helped me survive a difficult situation ” Issa Ibrahim

Excerpted from
Pondering the Imponderable with Howard Bloom – Music is a Soul & Healing Exchange

Conversation with Elena Camerin Young on Music and How Music Changed an Autistic Child’s life
Music Saved My Life – conversations with (self-described) Bi-Polar Bear
Madness And God & Music with David Waldorf
Issa Ibrahim – on Music & Mental Illness
Andy Dixon – Music in and out of prison – ExCon With Convictions
My Relationship to Music Documentary


geo geller
geo (at)

Conversation About Music, Autism, Identity, Being a Woman

and Babble (experimental film/theater) with Elena Camerin Young
excerpted from Elena a Musical Life

How Music Changed a Young Autistic Child and in turn Changed Elena’s Life too

contact: Elena Camerin Young –

Issa Ibrahim – Music & Mental Illness & all that jazz

excerpts from
Madness And God
“Invisible Self”, “Psycho-Phobia”, “Future Of Dying” “Meditation and Mental Illness”

Music Saved My Life
conversations with (Self-Described) Bi-Polar Bear James Kusel 11-23-2015
excerpted from documentary in progress more at

Christopher Emdin
Science of music & Hip Hop at Hip Hop Ed Awards

Rob Jackson
Hip Hop & Mental Health – Beats Rhymes & Life at Hip Hop Ed Awards

Paul Miller aka D.J Spooky
art of letting go and absorbing at Hip Hop Ed Awards

Tsidii – on music and on her self

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