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February 15, 2016

Soul Searching – Musings

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Soul Searching

a work in progress

Soul Searching

We are engaged in a Soul Exchange

“Music (Art) a Tool of The Heart” by Jose Luis Rodriguez aka Jose Luis de la Paz

excerpted from Self-Portrait of YOU-manity

in Life, Music, Dance, Art, Science, Beauty, Biz, Environment, Design etc?

What’s A Documentary?
for 2 Seven Year Old’s – Rough Cut

geo geller
geo (at)

Conversational Documentary that hopes to plant the seeds of the soul back into everything – Sadly, we have lost our way along the yellow brick road and think of ourselves and each other as commodities; when in fact we do the best we can in each moment, but when we put our souls, hearts, minds and body into whatever we do, whether we know it or not, we do the impossible, we create the future – great music, art, poetry, dance, beauty, design etc not only cares for our individual and collective imagination but in moving us we become one with the artist and with each other – our souls, spirits what every you call it or don’t call it come together in that moment we are engaged in a Soul Exchange – food for thought

What’s My Relationship to Dance & Beauty

excerpted from Beast Behind Beauty
– slaying the beast that keeps us from feeling beautiful

mariel on dance beauty anorexia addiction sex ballet and beyond 1-10-2016

1)Abbey on The Beast Behind Beauty

AJ on Dance Hip-Hop Education and Beyond

in 2009 i filmed this dance site specific public instillation conceived & edited by Despina Sophia Stamos with Storme Sundberg and performed in a Chashama Space and coincidentally in 2016 it becomes part of my “Soul Searching” series – in search of soul in everything, life, art, dance, music, science, beauty etc – this is also part of my “Whats My Relationship to Dance” documentary segment too –

Musing on Music -Soul Searching – What’s My Relationship to Music?: Documentary

Musing on Music – Soul Searching
My Relationship to Music?

a Conversational Documentary

conversations with musicians and others about their and our relationship to music

geo geller
geo (at)

What’s My Relationship to Music? Documentary is part of a series of work in progress docs What’s A Documentary? for Two 7 year olds and What’s My Relationship to Dance – this one is looking at all aspects of our relationship to music with an educational perspective

Conversation with Elena Camerin Young, on Identity, Music, Space, Place, Sex, Orgasm, Singing and beyond – food for imagination

the first intro came out of a casual conversation with A.J. Croce 2/5/2015 who is suspect in a longer work in progress insightful documentary working title Me, Myself, Music and Why with A.J. Croce – this excerpt episode i include when Marlo Croce, who is an artist herself, asked me what music i listened to and i thought it would work as an introduction to both the What’s My Relationship to Music Documentary by me and intro to A.J too – stay tooned there is more to come – if you want to respond to the question and create a video please Hastag it #WhatMyRelationshipToMusicDoc and also email me at Geo (at) and i will either include it in the doc or put a link to it some how – thanks for resonating

So Be Free with Sophie B Hawkins – caught in the act 1/22/2006 at APAP

Issa Ibrahim – on Music & Mental Illness

Fiona Bloom – has music in her veins

Tsidii – on music and on her self

Conversation About Music, Autism, Identity, Being a Woman

and Babble (experimental film/theater) with Elena Camerin Young
excerpted from Elena a Musical Life

How Music Changed a Young Austistic Child and in turn Changed Elena’s Life too

contact: Elena Camerin Young –

Music Saved My Life with Bi-Polar Bear James Kusel

Bruce Sudano

Music Saved My Life – conversations with (Self-Described) Bi-Polar Bear James Kusel 11-23-2015

excerpted from documentary in progress more at

to view in own window

“What’s A Documentary?” for 2 Seven Year Old’s by geo geller
in 2002/3 i was shooting a documentary called “Self-Portrait of YOU-manity” as if i was hired to do a documentary on YOU-manity for people from another planet – so i went around asking people to describe to somebody from another planet what it was like to be human, man, woman, child, mother, father, sister, brother, friends, wife, beauty, sex, love etc and one spring day i was filming these two seven year old’s who were sisters from other mothers and were babies in the womb together about what it was like to be this and that and to be friends and at the end i asked as i usually do “if i can use this in a documentary” and the kids in unison said “What’s A Documentary?” and so for years on and off especially at George Stoney birthday party events and doc film festivals i stalked doc filmmakers and asked “What’s A Documentary? – for two seven year old’s” – this below came from a PBS, POV, ITVS sponsored event 2/22/2015 – i need to put up the credits too

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