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October 16, 2014

Haunted – song album by GEwIZ

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GE-oh & IZ

GEwIZ is g-OH with Izzy AHA

a Singer/Song-writing collaborative
an exploration in search of those moments beyond the usual.
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Haunted & Haunted in House of Mirrors
from House of Mirrors Album by GEwIZ
[mp3-jplayer tracks=”, Of Mirrors.mp3,, For Place To Hide.mp3, Without a Lover.mp3, Identity.mp3, Am A Ghost.mp3, House.mp3, of Forgotten Memories.mp3, Out Of Time.mp3, Of Make Believe.mp3, Bought The Dream.mp3, Away.mp3, Be My Pillow.mp3, Snatcher.mp3″ style=”dark” dload=”n” captions=”by GEwIZ GEo with IZ Issa – Recorded in 2009-11″ list=”y”]

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GEwIZ experiments in experimental & pop music/songs/spoke-word
list of all of the good, the bad, the process and beyond and some that just don’t fit anywhere
random & alphabetical playlist some taken from the individual albums
(click here to go to Sane Asylum Records)

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