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May 10, 2014

Albert Maysles -traveling

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Tribute to Albert Maylses
conversations and Traveling with Albert Maysles

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Traveling with Albert Maysles is 2 segments shot November 3, 2003 is an un-edited, raw footage as i shot it of Albert in his old studio office on 51st in Manhattan – first series while screening a 2 hour (i thought of as a rough cut) – at the time i thought i might use 5 min in an edited version but the beauty of albert is you never know, and so almost 10 years later here it is – oh yes sometimes my camera is all over the place as i hunt for best audio and best framing too – fyi the first part of the second segment is b-roll shots of his office for a collage that never happened – if you don’t want to watch it go to the middle of the time line and look for him talking

the second part in Traveling with Albert Maysles January 14, 2004 is a conversation i had with Albert looking at selected segments of his films and a conversation between him and i with David Mintzer’s voice and sometimes on camera too – David also picked out the segments from Albert’s films

______________________ part 1 and 2 of Nov 3, 2003 ______________________

______________________ January 14, 2004______________________

Albert-Maylses-4of5-1-14-05a.avi –
drop frame halfway through and audio sync lost

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