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February 20, 2014


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A View From the Other Side Series

Island & Land Stories


“in the land of dreams”

dedicated to you and to wonder



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(* = picture for story board film or childrens book)
– a work in progress –


When I was a young boy, I remember taking long walks behind our house
catching frogs, butterflies, salamanders and watching the insects
crawling around. I spent hours walking along the stream, jumping from
rock to rock. Secretly I thought I was a mountain goat. One day, while
taking a walk towards the mountains behind our house. I was singing my
favorite song “… Home, home on the range, where the deer and the
antelope play, where seldom is heard a discouraging word…” when I
thought I heard someone. So I said “hello” and to my surprise someone
said “hello” too. I thought this is very strange… I didn’t see
anybody, so I said hello again… and they answered hello back. “Where
are you?” I said, “where are you?” came back. “Over here!” I yelled,
looking all around… “Over here!” someone yelled back. Here I am, I
said… here I am, he answered.

This was very strange… I thought, where could he be? So I climbed a
tree, and said, in a loud voice… “HI!” and he answered “HI!” Still I
couldn’t figure out where he was… I’m up a tree… I’m up a tree… I
climbed down and walked a little ways and said hello again. But this
time… there was no answer… While I was walking I saw the biggest
bull frog ever… I thought I heard somebody off in the distance…
“hello”, I said… and it answered “hello” back… the bull frog croaked
and it croaked back… now I was scared,.. I ran home and told my
father, who was plowing the field. I told him that there was somebody
out in the forest and to come quickly… He said he was busy but he came
anyway. We found the path I made, my father was part Indian and taught
me many things, especially how to follow a trail so I wouldn’t get lost.
He tought me that the forest and the animals were our friends, and to
watch things very carefully. We walked until we came to the spot where I
thought I left the bull frog… I told him to listen as I said hello.
nothing happened, we didn’t hear anything. That was strange and yelled
hello even louder and still nothing. “We needed to walk a little
further.” I could tell he wanted to go back to work but he said ok, We
walked a little and I said hello and still nothing… My father said,
maybe he left or moved on. We walked to where the tree I climbed was and
I yelled “hello”. I smiled when it said “hello” back… My father
laughed. I wondered what was so funny… had he not heard somebody say
hello… there was somebody there!… I said, hello, again, proving my
point. He laughed again at my seriousness and said hello himself and
this time a man said hello back. Then he said hello I’m an echo and the
man said hello I’m an echo. What’s an echo? I asked… He said in a loud
voice…. echo echo I’m an echo… echo echo I’m an echo. Echoes are
voices of the mountain… they are like water mirrors except they speak
to you when you speak to them. Be careful what you say and do… so only
good things will come back to you… While we were walking back I
thought about what my father told me and what I would say the next time
I met an echo.

copyright geo geller 1990 ver. 2893
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