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February 20, 2014

fisherman who wove magic in his nets

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A View From the Other Side Series

Island & Land Stories

“fisherman who wove magic in his nets”

dedicated to you and to wonder



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Synopsis: The story is told through the eyes of an old man who is
telling a group of young people about when he was a child in his fishing
village on the island. The story revolves around the magical fishing
nets the old man weaves… His nets are not for sale he only makes them
for the young boys who sit with him and watch him weave his net and his
story… He tells them of the story of a magical fishing village that
the storyteller is going to tell them now; where everybody was happy and
where the fish and the fisherman were friends… it was said that the
fish were happy to be caught in the nets the old man weaved because they
knew the fishermen where not greedy, and that they knew when they had
enough and only took what they needed. The fisherman would come home at
the end of their day of fishing and the whole village would gather
around and listen and tell stories and laugh and laugh at the funny fish
stories that they played with each other.

Story line: Everyday for as long as I can remember and as long as my
father could remember the old man would come out from the morning mist
at sunrise and work on his fishing nets till dusk… He was too old to
fish… His hands would shake as he held his tool… No one knew how old
he was… He was as old as time we would say when I was a boy… He
would tell fascinating stories about everything… and when he talked
everybody stopped even time… When he was a young boy he would watch
his mother make nets, he would sit and watch her for hours… patiently
day after day he would watch and help her, not many woman in the village
knew how to make nets but his mother learnt it from her mother and her
mother learnt it from her mother… and so on… When he got old enough
to go on the boat with his father and fish with his mothers nets he saw
how important it was to make good nets… and when he got older he
dreamt he would become a great fisherman just like them… And when he
got real old he would tell stories like his grandfather did.. As a young
fisherman he was the leader of the fishermen, but now that he was too
old to fish he wove their nets and told stories to their children just
like he told them when they were children… His nets were not just any
kind of net everyone who had one of his nets was very proud, and took
special care of them… It was said his nets had a magnet for fish, and
some said his nets were magical and brought good luck… Many fisherman
from far away places would try to buy his nets but he would not sell
them to just anyone… He would only make a net if he knew you… and
only after a long time.. just like he had done for their fathers…

Mothers would send there young sons to sit with him so that when they
got older and ready to fish with a net they would have the good luck
that his nets brought… and so from morning till dusk there was
children around the old man… they would watch and learn about making
fishing nets and he would tell them stories about life… they would sit
quietly and listen to his stories about the seas about nature and
respect for living things.. and so generation after generation would
sit besides the old man… and all the fathers in the fishing village
where at one time just like their children who sat around the old man
now… the village was rich with everything they could possibly want…
each fisherman brought in just enough every day and would throw back
fish he didn’t need, small fish and even some of the big old fish who
would play with the fishermen and were caught just about every day…
the fish and the fishermen had become friends of the village… At the
end of the day the fishermen would come back and everybody would gather
around and tell their stories about who caught what fish and where and
laugh about the old fish who played with them and if one fish was not
seen that day all the fisherman would be concerned and look for the fish
the next day and if everything was ok they would all be relieved…
because everybody had heard about the good fishing in their island but
nobody caught anything except the island fisherman… It was said that
the fish knew whose net was whose and that it was an honor to be caught
in one of the old mans nets…

Every day the old man would come out with the sun as the fishermen were
getting their boats ready for another day and the children would come
and gather around the old man and watch and wait as he would tell us
about fishing and that there was more to fishing than just fishing… It
was an honor to be a fisherman and that they had to learn many things
before they could be good at anything especially fishing… to be proud
to be a fisherman one had to learn to have respect for life, he would
say… When we were with the old man it was as if time stopped and we
were all happy, we didn’t know why… nobody ever talked about it, but
we knew, and our parents and grand parents knew… and everyone in the
village was happy. The fisherman where happy, their families were happy,
the fish were happy because the old man taught the fishermen many
things… especially that happiness is knowing when you have enough…
And even to this day children all over the world gather around old men
and women and listen to their stories and discover about the rich gift
of life..

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