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May 9, 2016


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He can log in complaints with 311 every three hours. No more than this or the system discards the complaint! Every three hours is the MAXIMUM.

He is not calling the police, because the police do NOT handle noise complaints; that is a 311 issue. So whatever he is telling you about calling the police is wrong. 311 handles noise.

I file my noise complaints online and cut-and-paste. Here is the link:

If he does it at 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, and 10pm, he can get in five complaints a day. Maybe 3-5 on average. This will blow the CompStat numbers the cops use, causing a huge spike, and in three weeks they’ll fix the problem. Their first approach will probably be harassing him saying “talk to your neighbor”, as they tried with me, but I won’t back down, told them no way do I talk to anyone (it is dangerous and leaves you open to harassment so the victim becomes a police target) and the cops eventually told the neighbor to stop making noise or they’d start issuing tickets.

The landlord has an obligation to take action, and will get the 311 complaints when the police take action. This is why people write letters and send them certified mail, return receipt. No proof, no relief.

Your friend should talk to the free attorneys at a housing clinic AND to his City Councilmember. He can file a suit in housing court to get free rent until the problem is fixed. IF he has some documentation.

The noisy tenant can be evicted, and quite easily. This is routinely done IF someone has a pile of 311 complaints and police reports where “the police took action to correct the problem”.

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