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October 4, 2017

Snake Charmer – about

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Snake Charmer

a love story about boxing that is not about boxing!
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work in progress theatrical linear film & online Experiential, Non-Linear, Experimental documentary
that has no beginning nor end – where you start is the beginning and where you stop is a beginning
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Snake Charmer a love story about boxing that is not about boxing! – Snake aka Josif Curry, 59 years old former Bantam Weight 5 ft 3 inches, 118 lbs former Golden Gloves fighter, and his band of gladiators open their minds and hearts that will ex-cite and in-cite and knock you out with their wisdom and profound in-sights – Snake talks about what it takes to be a fighter that applies to life, adversity, integrity, honesty, love, empathy, dedication, vulnerability, community, friendship, focus, taking care of your mind/body and going into and beyond yourself – things I/you never imagined about boxing’s – yet many see only what they want to see about boxing – there is violence in boxing, people get hurt but to the boxer its not about violence its a mind game with yourself and the other person in the end its all about presence – Snake and his contemporaries talks about Muhammad Ali and other great boxers and what made them great while talking about why boxing is at a lull in America – and why boxing is alive and well in latin america and europe

Snake, my/our guide into the other side of boxing – he wears his medal of honor proudly, a Golden Glove silver boxing gloves necklace usually against a black shirt – Snake like many, including my father, was born a fighter, fighting for their lives and Snake like my father, grew up a tough little guy too with a no back down bring it on tough guy New York attitude – Snake grew up in a tough neighborhood that is not far from where he lives now, and not far from Hell’s Kitchen, where West Side Story unfolded – Snakes father took his young son to watch Muhammad Ali, then Cassius Clay and that experience was a defining moment for him – he talks about Ali’s influence on him and on boxing in ways only a lover and a fighter could! – My father like Snake was a street smart fighter, he unlike Snake was a human forklift and one night my father went out for bread and didn’t come back till very late with a black eye! Two 6 ft tall guys tried to mug him and my father not only beat the crap out of both of them he captured one of them and called the police while he had him paralyzed and i am sure begging for mercy as i use to do when he grabbed me by the wrist and squeezed – I use to go to work with my father when i was a kid and he was fearless and also was a charmer but unlike Snake who knows boxing inside out as well as most of the NY boxing producers and commissioners know him too – my father’s art was survival, he knew how to makes something out of nothings while Snake’s art is his life and his experiences and talks with greatest of ease like the man in the flying trapeze – Snake talks about life, the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly in boxing but more then that he opens and reveals its beauty slowly like a flower that unfolds the love story about boxing right in front of you that most boxers know but few can articulate like Snake – Boxing saved his and many others lives – He tries to teach his fighters about life and being true to yourself and giving 110% in what ever you do and that there is more to boxing and being a fighter then what happens in the ring –

“Snake Charmer” A Love Story About Boxing that’s Not about Boxing, is more then then the sum of its parts and yet its all about boxing and not about boxing at the same time – Joseph Curry, aka “Snake” in “Snake Charmer” is my neighbor, who i first met in the elevator of my NYC apartment building many years ago – Snake is my tour guide into the belly of the beast of boxing – The name “Snake” came together from his love of snakes and love of boxing and he has also been know to bring live snakes into the ring – and the name “Charmer” well at 59 he’s still a Charmer – Snakes life defining influenced are PopEye the SailorMan and Muhammad Ali and survival on the streets of New York CIty

i believe “Snake Charmer” a love story will find a heart felt home in a diverse audience including but not limited too the general public, in all aspects of education especially insights for sports enthusiast of all genra and will opens up the eyes, mind and hearts and hopefully will charm people to re-think, re-vive and re-energize their appraisal of not only boxing but of life and be a defining vehicle for those life long learners, to learn more about life, who you are, being true to yourself, being present in the moment and learning what you need to teach and in the course integrity, trust, honesty, and love and what it takes to be a boxer, a lover – food for thought

Distribution & Post Production funding – we will offer “Snake Charmer” to theatrical distributors first, then international and domestic broadcasters and inconjunction we will create an online presence supporting the film prior till release – the website will include outtakes and a social web strategy that will include, discussion, chat boards, twitter, facebook, snapchat etc – funding will come from those individuals, foundations, corporations, investors who resonate with “Snake Charmer” a Love Story About Boxing and lastly we will do a kickstarter or crowdfunding not to raise money but to to raise awareness and publicity

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