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September 19, 2015

Autism, Music and Beyond conversation with Elena

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Autism, Music and Beyond – ver 20150911153416

Autism, Music and Beyond
in conversation with Elena Camerin Young

How Music Changed a Young Austistic Child and in turn Changed Elena’s Life too

excerpted from
“Soul Searching” & “What’s My Relationship to Music”
elena and geo musical conversations

geo geller
geo (at)

contact: Elena Camerin Young –

More Conversations About Music, Autism, Identity, Being a Woman and Babble (experimental film/theater) with Elena Camerin Young
excerpted from Elena a Musical Life documentary

Conversation with Elena Camerin Young, on Identity, Music, Space, Place, Sex, Orgasm, Singing and beyond – food for imagination

Sounding the Depths

Elena Camerin & geo geller

experiments in music and conversation



why Sounding Depths – because some of our musical experiments and conversations with elena touch on subject that have a depth and breath to them and our first conversation below was about what it’s like to be a woman among other things

Sounding the Depths by Elena and geo
1. identity_conversation_on_being_a_woman_Elena_Camerin_Young-ver-6-8-2015     

2. identity_soundings     

Sounding the Depths – experiments in music and conversation
identity conversation on being

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