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July 31, 2018


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1. susan-geo-coming-out-in-bryant-park-nyc-7-26-2018     

conversation about being on both sides of the medical model from peer counselor perspective
from Susan: Breaking Out of the Darkness for Psycho-Phobia (unedited)

2. susan-psycho-phobia-medical-model     

random conversation with Susan (unedited)

3. day-one-part-1and2-first-recorded-talkR09_0001     

4. shyla-geo-conversation-making-own-doc-excerpted-110620_00_L-mixdown-1 her-play-110620_02_ Multitrack.mp3 taking-back-her-life-and-hiding-in-darkness-part-1-R09_0002.mp3

5. shyla-n-me-restaurant-breaking-cycle--1-4--07-0001     

6. shyla-me-restaurant-1-4--07-0002     

7. shyla-me-restaurant--1-4--07-0003 .mp3

James Kusel talking about life and being possessed by the devil and hospitalization
excerpted from “Music Saved My Life” – Conversations Over Dinner with Bi-Polar Bear James Kusel
with Susan from Susan: Breaking Out of the Darkness
[mejsaudio src=”″]

more of susan art and videos at

Shyla – Breaking out of the Darkness – by geo geller


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